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Dr. Atul Parvatiyar
Chapters and Journal Publications in Scholarly Books
Customer Relationship Management
Papers presented at an international conference.
Handbook of Relationship Marketing
As businesses increasingly stress the importance of cooperation and collaboration with suppliers and customers, relationship marketing is emerging as the core of all...
Research in Marketing: A Research Annual
(Series Editor with Atul Parvatiyar), Vol. 14, JAI Press, 1998.
Why do Some Companies Not Want to Engage in Partnering Relationships?
Harald, Biong, Kenneth Wathne, and Dr. Atul Parvatiyar Relationships and Networks in International Markets, Hans G...
Evolving Relationship Marketing into a Discipline
Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Dr. Atul Parvatiyar Journal of Relationship Marketing, vol. 1, No.1 pp.3-16, 2002
Ecological Imperatives and the Role of Marketing
Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Dr. Atul Parvatiyar Environmental Marketing: Strategies, Practice, Theory and Research, Michael J. Polonsky and Alma T. Mintu-Wimsatt...
Dimensions of Future Marketing in India
Dr. Atul Parvatiyar (1988) "Future Dimensions of Marketing in India,"*** Management and Labour Studies, Vol. 13, No. 1 (January 1988) pp...
International Business Review: Special Issues on Relationship Marketing
Guest Editor with Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth Editorial, Relationship Marketing: A word from the Guest Editors, vol.4, no.4,..